Actemium US delivers practical safety solutions based on a solid engineering background and methodology which help you improve performance while still meeting due diligence requirements. Safety Strategies can include the development of job procedures, integration with existing Occupational Health and Safety Procedures and safety designs for improved OEE.

Why Safety Process Design?

Safety Process Design is crucial for ensuring the well-being of employees and the integrity of equipment and facilities. Actemium US’ Safety Process Design services help clients develop and implement safety procedures and protocols that minimize risks and maintain compliance with industry regulations. By prioritizing safety, businesses can protect their most valuable assets and ensure long-term success.

Project Lifecycle Services

Our safety process design services include those required for any stage of a project.

  • Audit machines, process and plant equipment
  • Review machines, process and plant equipment
  • Identify hazards
  • Issue Audit Reports & Risk Assessment (ISO 14121)
  • Assign SIS levels
  • Determine Risk Factor
  • Facilitate risk assessment meetings
  • Recommend methods to mitigate risk
  • Provide detailed electrical and mechanical design
  • Machine Guarding
  • Safety Networks & Controllers

Let’s improve your industrial performance.