RSView32 to FactoryTalk View HMI Conversion

Migrate to the next generation of human machine interface (HMI) for unprecedented levels of control and information.


RSView32 has reached the end of its product life and is no longer being updated. With functionality that is not changing to meet integration requirements, and performance lag that affects system performance, it’s necessary to plan RSView32 conversions to mitigate risk.



Upgrading to FactoryTalk View allows your system to be Windows compatible, offers better troubleshooting, better project organization and allows multiple users to access areas of the operation most relevant to them.

Migrating end-of-life RSView32 HMIs to a FactoryTalk View HMI system creates a new vision for connected, information-driven operations.

An effective HMI migration can speed design and commissioning times, improve productivity and reduce maintenance demands. When converging IT and OT solutions, operations can rely on their HMI to contextualize and visualize data while cloud-based remote access makes information available anytime and anywhere.

Migrating existing RSView32 HMIs to FactoryTalk View allows for multiple areas within the project and the separation of different areas of the plant for better troubleshooting and project organization. Multiple users can access the area that is relevant to them, and engineers can update visualizations from their station. FactoryTalk View’s flexibility provides distributed computing and visualization as well as redundancy and ease of back-ups.

Actemium US will pre-engineer the system, determining the best path to create new reports and fit client requirements. When planning the migration, existing hardware, network and screens can be reused. In all cases, Actemium US will first facilitate an audit to understand existing clients and tags, and optimize the new system design to reduce costs which are now based on screen-use.

With pre-engineering and the use of migration tools, each HMI can be converted with a zero-downtime transition.

Migrating end-of-life RSView32 HMIs to a FactoryTalk View HMI system creates a new vision for connected, information-driven operations.



  • End-to-end service from analysis to commissioning and post-project support
  • FactoryTalk View direct points to PLCs in lieu of tags, for more efficient testing, troubleshooting and changes.
  • Client-based Visual Basic doesn’t affect system performance and reduces system downtime.
  • Zero-downtime migration.

As a Rockwell Automation partner, our experience with FactoryTalk View will make your operation more informed, productive and forward compatible.



Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk View is built on their vision of Connected Enterprise that connects plant-floor operations to operational insight at the business level.

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