System Maintenance & Technical Support Agreement

Optimize system reliability and performance with an annual agreement for preventative and corrective maintenance.


Upgrading, integrating and maintaining physical systems is more complicated than ever and in-house resources are often limited. Meanwhile poorly maintained software systems can lead to significant failures and slow downs.



Comprehensive monitoring and support from Actemium US through an annual maintenance and technical support agreement maximizes design for the intended purpose, system integrity and confidence of your operations team. Includes expedient access to technical support on a 24/7 basis and ongoing assistance with program updates and modifications.

A recent study by CFO Research of senior executives identified the top risks that have harmed their operations in the past five years. Sixty-six percent surveyed say their organizations have been harmed by equipment failure while nearly sixty percent say their firms have been impaired by data breaches. These inherent risks are further complicated with connected operations, Industrial IoT and the OT/IT convergence which entails complex and often deeply integrated systems. It is crucial to maintain integrity of operational applications and system health to ensure data reliability and confidence of operations.

System maintenance and technical support services agreements from Actemium US ensure that the risk of going without the data that you count on for informed decision making, is minimized. Effective maintenance protocols also optimize the health of physical systems to mitigate the risk of downtime or poor performance. With a fixed monthly billing structure, the agreement can include remote monitoring; design optimization for the intended purpose; complete preventative service to server installations; back-ups for files, databases and applications; pre-scheduled service and standby 1-800 support access.

Actemium US ensures that all systems, programming and software are reliable and promote the least amount of maintenance and service calls. We are in constant communication with system suppliers to be notified of any changes or updates. Our team has the proper training and expertise to review, test, defragment, clean and update your system with confidence.

In addition to regular maintenance of your systems, peace of mind is one of the added benefits when you bring on a support team that has experience with best-in-class technologies. The service offers 24/7 support, 1-800 on-call service and response time within four hours.

Actemium US ensures that all systems, programming and software are reliable and promote the least amount of maintenance and service calls.



  • Engineering and operational technology expertise in a wide variety of systems.
  • 24/7 support, including 1-800 on-call service and response time within four hours maximum.
  • Complete preventative service, on-site support and remote service.
  • Fixed monthly billing.

Increase system integrity and reliability with remote monitoring, support and continuous system improvement.

Actemium US provides support solutions for nearly eighty clients each year in a wide variety of industries from mining to advanced manufacturing.