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Recipe for Success: Revolutionizing Food Manufacturing Through Seamless Automation Integration

Our innovative solution for our food manufacturing client focused on seamlessly integrating automation technologies, PLC programming, and HMIs to optimize their raw material handling and mixing procedures. By consolidating recipe management within the PLC program and facilitating real-time adjustments via HMIs, our customer experienced unparalleled levels of control, precision, and operational efficiency in their manufacturing processes. Moreover, we enhanced system performance by incorporating and fine-tuning heat exchangers, flow meters, pressure transmitters, and temperature transmitters within the PLC program.

Here are the key benefits our customer gained from our solution:

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Automation reduces manual labor, streamlines processes, and accelerates production cycles.

Precision and Adaptability: Centralized recipe management ensures precise formulation control and facilitates rapid adjustments to meet evolving production needs.

Cost Savings: Reduced labor costs, minimized material wastage, and optimized resource utilization contribute to cost savings and improved profitability.

Compliance and Quality Assurance: Automated systems ensure adherence to regulatory standards and enable consistent product quality.

Technologies used:

  • Rockwell PLC, HMI, and VFDs
  • E + H Instrumentation

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