Monitoring & Targeting for Strategic Energy Management

Not enough resources to support continuous energy management? Our Monitoring & Targeting Solution offers high performance, scaled to your needs.


One full time resource dedicated to energy management is outside the reach of many facility budgets. Rarely will one resource have the knowledge and skills necessary to identify energy opportunities and develop engineered solutions.



Establish a high performance continuous energy management team by supporting your operating resources with our analytical and prescriptive solution.

Continuous energy management is fundamental to Strategic Energy Management (SEM). Facility and Energy Managers often lack the resources.

Monitoring and targeting encompasses the analytical, technical and prescriptive elements of Continuous Energy Management (CEM). The technical elements include continuous measurement, developing process energy models and monitoring performance of manageable processes.

A critical challenge in adoption of CEM is acquiring the resources to interpret process opportunities, develop measures to reduce consumption, peak demand, and cost.

Actemium US’ Monitoring and Targeting Solution overcomes this key barrier: a lack of energy management resources to address the technical requirements. The program involves a structured collaboration between our technical expertise and your operational expertise to implement continuous process energy improvement.



  • Development of driver based process energy models.
  • Measurement and verification.
  • Controls, procedures, load shifting, device inefficiency.
  • Identification of low CapEx opportunities for improvement.
  • Alerts when unexpected changes occur to consumption.
  • High performance through collaborative effort.

We provide the ‘continuous’ in continuous energy management.