Energy Management Information System (EMIS)

Daunted by energy costs? Target savings with a proven Energy Management Information System (EMIS).


Sustainable energy management is a long-term commitment that requires expertise and process oversight to build a culture of continuous improvement.



Convert energy into a managed expense by monitoring areas of the operation and dynamically targeting energy use by EAC to avoid energy over-consumption events.

In industrial environments, energy costs can be considered a fixed cost, paid by accounting without operational tie-in. However, with trends toward sustainability and lower-cost operations, energy management is gaining interest. It can also be met with skepticism as retrofit and efficiency projects that have historically been an industry go-to are expensive and not sustainable.

In fact, the process of energy management is often misunderstood, first and foremost in that it is a process. To be successful, it requires operator buy-in, change management, and an integrated solution that includes both metering and software.

Actemium US oversees energy management initiatives from energy audit to deployment and training. The pre-engineered energy management solution is based on RtTech Software’s RtEMIS which divides the company into corporate, site, department, and Energy Account Centre (EAC). It can illustrate detailed energy targets for each EAC and identify savings and losses in both dollars and energy. Actemium US can help set energy targets for each area and determine the process changes required to reach the target. Users can access real-time energy consumption data, relative achievement of targets, and the costs or savings realized.

Actemium US oversees energy management initiatives from energy audit to deployment and training.



  • Dynamically target optimal energy consumption from baseline data.
  • Track overconsumption events to identify root cause.
  • Generate real-time reports including Energy Accounting, Cost Per Unit of Production, Energy KPI Trend, Demand Cost, and others.
  • Improve processes and train operators to endorse an energy-saving culture.

 On average, our clients report a 5-10%+ energy savings with EMIS deployment.