Actemium US’ mission as a leader in industrial energy management is to advance best practices through research, innovative services and solutions for manufacturing process design, integration, automation, and continuous improvement.

Actemium US’ CEM, and CMVP certified engineering specialists can construct performance models of targeted processes and identify your sources of waste energy and inefficiency. Recommendations could include changes in operation procedures, operating times, automation, and efficiency upgrades. We offer:

Why Energy Management?

Energy Management is essential for businesses looking to reduce operating costs, improve sustainability, and minimize environmental impact. Actemium’s Energy Management services enable clients to identify areas of inefficiency, optimize energy usage, and develop strategies for long-term energy savings. By investing in energy management, businesses can enhance their reputation and contribute to global sustainability efforts.

Project Lifecycle Services

Our energy management services include those required for any stage of a project.

  • Turn-key EMIS Audits
  • Integrated Energy Management System Design
  • Implementation and commissioning
  • Feasibility Assessments based on process measurement and modeling (Efficiency Upgrades, Process Improvement, Self-Generation)
  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Reduction Audits
  • Peak Demand Reduction Studies
  • Energy Management Analytics Training for Operational Energy Management

Let’s improve your industrial performance.