Downtime Tracking

Pressured to find savings? Decrease downtime and maximize output with operational analytics.


Manual downtime data collection within plants can be time consuming and yields unreliable information. Waiting to view data that has been gathered and analyzed manually also takes time, resulting in delays to decision making.



Actemium’s Downtime Tracking solution automatically collects equipment and downtime data directly from the source in real time and quickly generates reports for any time span.

Downtime tracking provides manufacturing companies, electric utilities and processing companies. When equipped with the power of real-time data, you are able to be proactive in decreasing downtime, production rate and quality loss events by targeting and eliminating the root-causes of equipment failure.

Actemium’s pre-engineered solution for downtime tracking and asset management leverages RtTech Software’s RtDUET to provide extended functionality for users of the PI System, including access to the underlying data records for downtime events, advanced downtime tracking tools, and maintenance and reliability KPIs (e.g. OEE) through advanced analytics.

Defining your operation’s time usage codes standardizes how each downtime event type affects KPI calculations while reason codes standardize operator inputs for the cause or reason for downtime events.

Drive production and keep your finger on the pulse of your operation with downtime tracking and real-time performance analytics.

Downtime tracking provides manufacturing, mining, energy and food & beverage industries the ability to remove operational waste from their processes.



  • Automatically captures events complete with associated asset, cause and category.
  • Generates real-time reports for maintenance and capital planning.
  • Automatically calculates maintenance and reliability KPIs like Availability & OEE.
  • Seamlessly shares data with MES applications and databases.
    Integrates seamlessly with your OSIsoft PI System.
  • Inform operators and drive decisions with real-time data visualization.

On average, our clients report a minimum 10% increase in Asset Availability.

Watch the 1-minute RtDUET Video

Track downtime and slowdowns using RtDUET’s operator-friendly event dashboard. After an event is captured – classify, split, or have a supervisor verify. Concerned about certain type or length of downtime? Set an automatic alert.