Exploration for Strategic Energy Management


Strategic energy management is based on knowing where to invest to achieve the maximum return.

Energy is invisible. Our approach is to operate processes more efficiently first. Savings are Gold. Exploration can identify where the savings are; and our energy team will define the effort and cost to realize them.



An Energy Exploration Study, based on objective engineering analysis, provides a portfolio of opportunities, measures and ROI’s – and a road-map for planned investment in energy cost reduction.

Operational waste can appear in many forms but one of the most constant and least measured or understood is energy consumption. The first step in understanding the energy performance and opportunities to reduce cost in any facility is a Process Energy Study.

In an industrial environment, energy consumption needs to first be measured to be understood. This includes all processes that consume and generate energy. Once this is understood, a logical course of action can be taken. Installation of sub-metering and necessary data collection infrastructure is fundamental to understanding the interaction between a process and its effect on energy consumption.

Process models are used to generate energy baselines and account for all production mix, shut downs, production rate and so on, so that verifications of savings are accurate and not obscured by operational changes. A CEM, GHGIQ and CMVP certified engineering specialist will construct performance models of targeted processes and identify your sources of waste energy and inefficiency.

Recommendations could include changes in operating procedures, operating times, automation and efficiency upgrades. When completed the client has an engineered road-map for energy measure implementation.



  • Launchpad initiative for companies entering continuous energy management.
  • Platform for short and long run energy investments and a Strategic Energy Management Plan.
  • Permanently installed and commissioned, integrated EMIS (Sub-metering, data historian, analytics for measurement and verification).
  • Assurance you are making your best investments.
  • An energy opportunity map from which to select and implement.