Obsolescence and Technical Debt is everywhere today. The everyday communication, computer, imaging, and audio technology we used for years is quickly becoming obsolete. When you compare the lifespan of a cell phone or a laptop to that of a PLC, I/O module, or SCADA the difference is impressive. While OT components are known for their longevity, time catches up to everything. As a result, in Manufacturing and Industrial environments obsolescence is one of the top drivers for automation and SCADA investment.

At Actemium, we’ve been designing, developing and supporting OT systems for decades. After all of these years, we have replaced and upgraded systems that we installed in our early years with new models with increased functionality. That commitment to staying fresh with technology drives our efforts in Obsolescence Upgrades.

Our Obsolescence / Upgrade efforts are tailored to the smallest controller replacement or a full scale, cross enterprise program to “freshen” the outdated technology. We evaluate, assess, determine risk, prioritize, plan, and execute to improve the areas of your business that have become obsolete. Based on those assessments we come up with the best plan to upgrade while minimizing the impact on production and overall cost. Our approach ranges depending on your need; from implementing simple conversions to full rewrite conversions that add new functionality and address gaps in the old system.

We are ready to help you take the steps to upgrade your old Operational Technology and give it life for another 20 years. Ask us how.