Digital Transformation (DX) does not, as its name and reputation may imply, need to be a large and complex effort to “completely transform” your OT landscape.  While the end goal may be to achieve a state where your Operational Technology infrastructure and systems are hands off, your equipment is connected, and key production data is available to make efficiency, productivity, and quality decisions, Digital Transformation doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

At Actemium our goal is to help manufacturers take those first, second, and continued steps toward Digital Transformation. In the early stages, it is not about coming up with some grand scheme with expensive investments. Rather, it is about getting the best ROI and guiding you through your Industry 4.0 journey. As time goes on and initial ROI is realized, planning and execution of a DX strategy becomes a key part of the journey.

Initially our customer’s typical DX engagements begin with simple steps like ensuring OT obsolescence is addressed, OT connectivity is reliable, and the resulting data is utilized effectively.  Once those initial steps are taken (and value is realized) we look to leverage applications such as OEE, Traceability, Quality, and in most cases Analytics and Machine Learning to take DX to the next level.

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