Actemium specializes in integrated control systems designed to help you better manage your process and ensure efficiency. Our industrial automation experts in Michigan will evaluate your current systems and help you find the ideal solution for your process. With the ability to customize the solutions we offer; you will find we can help you design a control system that will improve your company’s performance.
Actemium has an extensive background in the automotive sector, spanning nearly 30 years and encompassing a multitude of satisfied clients. Our expertise lies in enabling our clients to seize opportunities within the industry, whether through substantial process enhancements, retrofitting applications, or minor improvements to existing systems. With a rich history of paint finishing projects, we are adept at navigating the rapid pace of these environments to effectively cater to our clients’ needs. Serving as a crucial partner in the advancement of the automotive industry, Actemium US leverages its global network of business units to craft and implement tailored solutions to the unique requirements of our clients, including OEMs and vehicle manufactures.

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