Stable and well-regulated power within your manufacturing and production facilities is critical to maintaining productivity and profitability. Actemium is keenly aware of the advantages of high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) power distribution and green technology systems from source to customer as cost-effective solutions. As an independent specialist in energy technology, we can build on our experience and technical expertise to develop powerful, secure, and always cost-effective solutions for new construction and retrofits. We are at home with power plant electrical systems, substations, and high-voltage equipment, and implement projects from problem analysis and solution development through commissioning and handoff. This includes all auxiliary equipment and secondary technical systems, such as generator protection, excitation systems, transformer protection, high-voltage protection, and smart power grid systems that use computer sensitivity analysis to predict potential failure criteria at critical electrical junctions so that safeguards can be built in for load shedding and graceful degradation until the problem can be fixed.

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