Actemium & VINCI Energies in North America

VINCI Energies is an international network operating in 57 countries and has four network brands worldwide. Actemium is one of the network brands of VINCI Energies.
In North America, VINCI energies operate under the brands of Actemium (Industrial processes and services) and Axians (IT solutions and services).

Actemium Mission

Actemium’s mission is to help its clients improve their competitive advantage and industrial performance.


Actemium Vision

Accelerating your industrial performance for a better world.


Actemium Values

Each Actemium Business Unit deeply embraces both the values of VINCI Energies – trust, entrepreneurship, solidarity, responsibility and autonomy – as well as the Actemium network essentials – safety first, twinning, positive attitude, team spirit and contributing.

  • Safety first: Safety is an absolute priority and a pre-requisite to all our actions.
  • Twinning: Work together in order to win together in a partnership spirit and develop business opportunities.
  • Positive attitude: Turn difficulties into opportunities and share success.
  • Team spirit: Share unconditionally and behave as open-minded and supportive team players.
  • Contributing: Play an active role in the network, giving and receiving, be aware of our responsibility towards Actemium and act accordingly.